Should you ever happen to find yourself in a medical emergency situation you should not be kept waiting for treatment. In many cases, receiving immediate medical assistance can mean the difference between life or death. A person should never be placed on hold just because there were no available doctors or medical staff on hand or because the emergency center’s facilities could no longer accommodate additional patients.

ER Centers is an emergency center that is fully accredited by the Joint Commission. We have been recognized as an outstanding symbol of quality and rigorous performance within the state of Texas. We value our patients by giving them the immediate attention that they deserve with little to no wait time. We have emergency staff members always on standby, who are ready to walk you through our process – from the moment you check-in to the moment you discharge.

We have highly trained medical experts who are all trained in emergency medical procedures. They will give you a thorough assessment of your condition and determine whether you need to be taken in for emergency care. Each one of our doctors and medical specialists has had years of experience under their belts and has seen just about every medical scenario imaginable.