No matter what the crisis may be, we are certified to handle every kind of medical emergency that our patients may have, no matter how severe it may be. Every member of our dedicated team of health professionals has the highest level of knowledge and skill to take care of every patient’s needs, along with the compassion that is required to properly handle each case safely and effectively.

Our facilities have everything necessary to give complete emergency care to those who need it, with advanced equipment and staff that are at the disposal of every patient who goes through our doors. No matter what level of severity, and whatever kind of injury or illness requires emergency treatment, we are certified and ready to take care of it on the spot.

Our emergency care centers are licensed as free-standing emergency rooms by the State of Texas, and our established facilities have the accreditation of the Joint Commission. This accreditation shows that we are committed to giving patients the kind of attention and care they need, no matter how big or small the ailment or injury. This also ensures that we meet the high standards of quality required for emergency care centers nationwide, and we have not only the equipment but also the staff to handle every medical emergency that comes our way.