Foreign bodies are objects and substances that can cause harm to the body if they enter and stay in it for extended periods. Trauma, injuries and overdose are just some of the ways in which foreign bodies can come in through our skin, mouths and other orifices.

Injuries from significant trauma are the most common cause of foreign body entry into the body. Shards of glass, wood splinters, tacks, staples, nails and rivets can pierce the skin. In some cases, they can be difficult to remove and they’ll require the help of medical professionals. It’s usually better to ask for professional help to make sure these objects do not carry harmful microbes and chemicals that can harm you when they get to the bloodstream.

Crime, acts of violence and sexual abuse can also introduce foreign bodies into the human body. If you believe a foreign object is stuck to you in any way, shape or form, seek medical attention right away.


Overdose is the term generally associated with the accidental or intentional intake of too much of one drug, or drugs. Drugs are considered foreign bodies and they fall under the foreign substance removal umbrella when you seek medical intervention. Misinformation, ignorance, substance abuse and suicide attempts are all common causes of drug overdose. When a case of drug overdose happens, the patient or the people around him must call for emergency medical services right away.

Children and the elderly are also at risk of overdose. Taking an excessive amount of vitamins or taking medication in inordinate doses can lead to a wide range of medical disorders.